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    Default A Chance for Redemption

    OK, first some quick background info. Spent my teenage years and early 20's as a BAFC although decently attractive and have been working on PUA material for the past 10 months. Was never great with women but thats another thread.

    Here's the deal, years ago on myspace I met this cute brunette prob HB9 who was a friend of a friend. She was really cute, quirky and we had alot of mutual interests and a few good conversations until I deleted my myspace and that was that, wouldnt hear from her for another 4 years.

    I was a bit surprised that I thought of her as much as I did after that and was the first time since Middle School that I was attracted to a personality and saw more than just a "piece of flesh" if you will. I continued my quest for women but she, for whatever reason despite meeting some great female characters always stood out and appealed to me and I couldnt shake it.

    Finally towards the end of last year I had learned that she worked at a local restaurant and my buddy(its important to note he is only kind of friends with her) got invited to a bonfire shindig at her place and I thought "PERFECT!!" an oppurtunity I had only dreamed of recently. When the time arrived I thought I would spend the first hour or two building social proof and demonstrating humor/value along the way and wait til the right moment to "pounce" (didnt bother trying to see if she remembered me as we only talked like 3 times on the internet years ago) only to be thwarted right at the moment I decided to go talk to her when she decided she was tired and ended the shindig. Damn, strike 1.

    As stated before she works at a local restaurant and have gone there w/ my buddies here and there and she would occasionaly come talk and I would get a few soundbytes in but wasnt comfortable in that atmosphere attempting to hit it off and never got a hook.

    Then a jackpot oppurtunity came when my buddy and another friend of mine were invited to a birthday outing to a few bars and thought I finally had my second chance. The night came and it was a disaster, I had a headache felt like crap and couldnt think straight and when I talked to her it started off great but then quickly dithered, I unintentionally said some chodeish things and she started getting kind of flakey so I figured Id get back to it later. The situation was exasperated by the fact her friends where total d-bags so I couldnt work that angle and that I had to babysit my friends and couldnt think of how to approach her next and I ended up getting flustered by the situation and I just took my buddies and left abruptly.

    I have learned from many of my mistakes that night and ironed out some of the flawed aspects of my game and she even friended me on FB so apparently didnt make such a terrible impression. There is an upcoming bar outing she might be going to not to mention the possibility of coming across her at the resturant she works at so ultimately I guess my question is, given this history between us what is the best way to approach future interactions with her? She seems really friendly and open so I got that going for me but dont want to risk f'ing it up again.

    And before I get preached to about one-itis that really isnt the case, Im working on my overall game but seeing as Ive had so much time invested in this girl I dont want it to slip away so easily and w/o going into extraneous detail I see much potential in her.
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