Hi guys, this is my first post, would appreciate any help. I met a girl about 7 months ago when I started law school (we're both in the same class). We were friendly for several months at school, hung out in large groups a few times but noting really flirty or anything. Her ex who she broke up with about 2 yrs ago is also in the class (they dated for 3 years).

For the last 2 months, I have been hanging out with her a lot more often at school (sit beside her almost daily) and have lunch with her. We have also hung out a couple times in smaller groups outside of school (got a drink, dinner etc in a small group). We have started flirting with eachother all the time in a joking way and I have always played cocky/funny which she absolutely loves. It has gotten to the point where others have asked us if we are dating and we've both sorta brushed it off. She mentioned to me a couple weeks ago that she is leaving lots of hints that I am not getting.

The thing is that I wasn't sure I wanted to act on it because it is a tight knit class and I don't want to cause much drama if it doesn't work out. I've since completely change my mind and really want to start dating her.

Problem, her ex has also started to notice we talk more and the two of them have started hanging out a lot more (studying alone together etc). About 1 week ago, I went to have a few drinks with her (just us two) and we started talking about the ex who she claims is the sweetest guy but it didn't work out because he was too nice/needy and small (he is a little short/skinny), I am taller/more muscular. She claims they are just really good friends now. Since then she and him have been hanging out together daily and I think I might have waited too long to act. She also mentioned that she briefly dated one of her ex's best friends about a year ago which really pissed off her ex.

Any idea how I should proceed? Is it too late? Should I be trying some bf destroyer stuff (even though she says they aren't dating). They just seem too close.