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    Default How can i work Game into my "babysitting" situation???

    1st post ever here! but longtime reader. Figure this would be a (somewhat) orignal inquiry for the experts here. Recently i have acquired a new babysitter for my daughter who is indeed a strong 9 (the babysitter not my daughter haha! edit!). This girl is a cousin of my ex wife's and was called upon as a last minute replacement for a babysitter that was needed since my old one is moving away.

    a little backstory:
    12 years ago when i was still with my wife and a young strapping 21 yr old buck, she (the new babysitter) had a major crush on me. Now albeit the girl was only 11 or 12 at the time, it meant nothing to me then obviously. She is now 22/23 - ish and is a fully blossomed round assed, big tittied and (rumored to be) horny young woman who just broke up with her 'long distance' boyfriend. Did i mention she is a 9????

    Now since she was 12 i hadnt seen her around much just a few times here and there and the last time i did for any extended period was at a party with my then wife about 4 years ago. 4 years ago i was about 50 lbs heavier and had long messy hair (the married and given up on social life look haha!)

    Nowadays in full pua mode i am pretty much in 21 yr old strapping young buck shape and appearance again. So the last time she's seen me I was the sloppy fat mess marriage had made me into. So when she see's me again (she starts on Monday) i will be in shape and attractive again.

    A few things concern and excite me at the same time. First there is of course the fact that she is my ex-wife's cousin. However that shows 1) Preselection. Her babysitting my daughter will be easy for me to show that i am 2)Protector of loved ones; the fact that I am her 'boss' in a sense can show 3) Leadership of Men. and 4)The Willingness to Emote is never a problem as long as your doing everything else right.

    Also i dont know how strong her 12 yr old crush on me 12 years ago is much of a factor, but id love insight on that from some experts here as far as if that has any validity in my Game to her today. I'm sure it does somehow.

    This is an original situation because it is not at a club, or out on the street. This is me coming home from work and socializing with her before she goes home for the day (so obviously everyday she is there will be an opportunity to kick game)

    I am really weary about doing typical PUA club routines with someone i essentially have a business/family (in law) relationship with, however i know something will have to be worked in. (i saw on her Facebook page she wears multiple rings. So ring routine will be a given)

    My question is how do i need to alter and or change my game to ger her attracted to me and fully seduced???? I feel like the 4 attraction switches can easily be flipped here because of the situation, but i cant help but feel it needs to be done a little more creatively given the special circumstance here.

    This coming monday will be her first day so i want to get some ducks in a row b4 her first day.

    a few other tidbits about everything:
    1) i offered for her to actually watch my daughter at her Grandma's house because it's closer to her house yet she pretty much insisted she come here to my house! (could be nothing but i thought it as a possible IOI)
    2) she is a pretty insecure girl. She p[uts alot of emphasis on her looks and absolutely loves and CRAVES attention from guys.
    3)very pretty and she knows it. alot of other girls dont like her. She;s the kind of girl who other girls dont like and she is proud to say she doesnt get along with other girls.
    4)just broke up with a guy she moved out of state to be with. Now they are broken up and she's back at home with mommy and daddy looking for a job and thats when i basically came in cuz i needed a sitter
    5)she's definately had the reputation of being 'slutty'. i would hear stuff about her from my wife as the years would go by & she'd get older
    6)i get the feeling also too and have also heard that she likes to 'tease' guys alot something any pua wants no part of obviously!

    ...from what i know of her and from stories I hear thats her in a nutshell.

    i need the experts or anyone for that matter to help me devise some good Game for this special situation. Feel free to ask anymore questions needed to get a clearer picture of everything.

    Thanks bro's i look forward to your expertise here.
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