I know I'm still a newbie as far as forum terms go but I've always been able to pick up girls with usually no problems, the only problem I had before was approach anxiety and I've been listening to Approaching Confidence and it's been working a lot for me!

Anyway, I'm travelling around Australia at the minute and staying in Ayr in Queensland to get my second year visa so there's going to be quite a few of us here for a few months, I figured perfect time to sort my inner game and get some practice routines going.

This HB10 walks in and a couple of the girls I know knew her from previous travels so I told them they were rude for not introducing me and introduced myself. I left it for a bit after that ignoring her as I was talking to the 8 set until we got onto a subject (I can't remember what, the alcohol was starting to kick in) but I asked her opinion on it and moved next to her. We sat talking for about an hour while the rest of the crowd moved from the table and were at the bar literally 5 feet away.

At this point I'd established rapport and found out that she wasn't looking for anything with anyone but I told her that since everyone's here for such a long time that sometimes its fine if you find someone you can be comfortable with, I ran the ESP routine and got a giggle, got it wrong twice.

At the club I'd keep my distance but was always in her line of sight. We went back to the hostel and after sitting around a table together I eventually walked her back to her dorm where I Kiss Closed. Now this is where it gets squiffy.

The next day nothing was really said and I left her to her own devices, most people were aching from the night before (I hadn't had that much to drink and hangovers are very rare for me). The next day I saw her and she smiled so I went over and thanked her for the kiss but her lips weren't as soft as mine. Nexr time she'd have to put some lipbalm on before.

She smiled and once again told me that she's not really looking for anything. Now this leaves me at a bit of a crossroads, I had IOI's but now I might be getting frozen out or is this a shit test? She said I was a very good kisser so I'm pretty confused with the next step.

Now I have an update, was talking to her today and played 5 lies with her and she bought me a drink as per the stips and we carried on having a laugh and I thought things were going well. But it seems I have competition, there's another guy I'd say he's a wannabe AMOG. He tried shooting me down a couple of times, the guy is shorter than me and thinner than me but ripped as he's a personal trainer. So as he tried shooting me down I ripped him a little bit and when he did it again I looked at him and smiled asking "You wanna feel how hard I can punch?" he backed off and left in the end.

Now the next day we got talking again and I ran an ESP trick on her while she was sun bathing, that one worked thankfully. Though this time I didn't play for a drink. She asked if she could drop a fat beat at the place I'm DJing this Saturday and I said only if she's makes an effort and comes with me to play a few new tracks knowing I'd get some time alone with her.

Anyway, I gave her two hours notice, and when it came to crunch time I asked her and she asked if I'd be annoyed if she didn't go, guess who was sitting next to her, Personal Trainer. This guy is beginning to be a serious thorn in my side. Anyway I punished her by walking away and coming back five minutes later and asking her again, once she came up with a few excuses, well lets just say as soon as I heard the first one I turned smiled and said "whatever."

What the hell am I gonna do next? Should I be looking to freeze her out as punishment while AMOGing the Personal Trainer? Though it might seem like bullying if i do it, don't get me wrong I'm bigger than him and I do work out but he's ripped and I'm not. I have a bigger chest than him, but he has a six pack.

Which way do I head on this?