i will try to make this as short as possible. Last year I dated someone for 5 mths, it was real hott and heavy at first then turned into hell, they were physically and verbally abusive, jobless and basically lived with me and off me for 5 months, but I loved them very deeply, we were very close. After we brokeup it was bad, they wished I was dead, said they hated me, etc etc...then the stalking began, they kept turning up in places where I was, spied on my myspace and facebook, drove by my house, etc, classic weirdo stuff that went on for 8 months!!! Then last month, i joined a dating website and they emailed me, agaisnt my better judgement we have been texting or calling everyday, I get the goodmorning text and goodnite text everynite just like when we were dating, we went out driving one nite and they proceeded to tell me a lil about their last relationship and a lil about the people they "text" "talk" to now from the dating site. I felt hurt and very uncomfortable and decided to back off a lil. Yesterday I made the comment, stop tying my hands and they repsonded I would never do that bondage crap to you, too freaky, the talk of sex was totally from left field. Today I got the freeze out so knowing how to play the game, i texted them and said, what did u do replace me, i doubt it cuz Im irreplaceable, lmao...anyways i guess where i need help is why after a bad breakup and no speaking but spuing for 8 mths would u talk to an ex. My gut tells me its about $$$ and what I can do for them, and I know once one of us finds a mate, our "talking" will be over or someone will get hurt. Yesterday I went to see someone Im currently dating and the ex kept telling me I shouldnt go...so how do i find out what the intentions may be here or should i just play along? Please be kind with your responses, im pretty fragile right now, thx