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    Default Some advice needed....

    So i've been talking this girl(we'll call her old girl) who i've hooked up with a few times before and i feel like she's startin to game me. She starts saying she wants to hang out, but never commit and all that bs. As soon as i sense this, I stop txting her.

    The other night, i'm out at a bar and meet another girl(we'll call her new girl) who seems down. She asks for my number...wants to hang the next night...i figure i'm in.

    Next day i shoot her a txt, she responds about an hour later, she wants to hang out that night and watch a basketball game.

    We meet the game....i have work and so does she early the next morning so i figure i'll save me trying to bang new girl a later date. After the game is over...i start getting txts from the old girl, so I close out my tab...let new girl pay her own. Meanwhile old girl keeps txtn me saying she wants to get drinks and hang out.

    I leave the new girl, go meet with the old girl. While i'm with the old girl, the new one is txt'n me asking if i'm "in town this weekend and if she can "come over and cook for me", all while i'm with the old chick. I txt back, tell her "i'll be here" and "blah blah blah...if you're gonna come over and cook, be sure to bring your 'A' game." She responds to that. I figure this puts me in a good position to not look like an AFC and I hold off on txt'n her for a few days.

    I stay out all night with the old girl, drink, and make out and then call it a night(she wouldn't come over to bang). I haven't txt her since that night cause if she wouldn't bang, i figured she maybe is losing interest and/or gaming me. I'm not having that.

    I wait 3 days and then shoot the new chick a txt and I get zero response. I txt her:

    "So i'm curious about your cooking...when you gonna show me your skills(or lack there of)."

    I'm thinkin the new girl wanted to hang longer than just the basketball game...and since i haven't txt her since that night, maybe she's like well f*%^ him.

    My questions are:

    1) How do i get the old girl to bang?
    2) I know i shouldn't txt the new girl again cause i don't want to seem needy, i figured i'd give it a day or two and give her a call, rather than txt.

    Any suggestions?
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