Sorry it's going to be slightly long but I've shortened it where I can! Thanks for any advice...

There's a girl I met about two weeks ago, my housemate was trying to set me up with her... she turned up at a barbeque but got hammered and within 3 hours had to go home (like she drank half a bottle of vodka in that time).

The day after she texted me to say sorry, and a couple of day later I replied to say it's cool, hope your hangovers got better etc. Since then, her textings been relentless, usually 3-4 times a day she'll start a conversation with me by text, today she's not left it more than 90 minutes between texts.

Most of the stuff she's been texting is just general sort of banter, quite a lot of humour and i've been text negging her. I also sent her some random crap when I was drunk (she asked me to send her a text message) which definitely shows I'm interested in her without coming across as needy.

She's got quite a few gadgets (iPad, 3DTV) and I said a while ago I wanted to watch the TV, she said I could come round anytime. Then today we were talking about it again and she said "my mom always taught me to share so we can watch 3d telly and you can play with the iPad :-) x"

Now how should I have responded to that? I basically asked when she's free next week but I've got a feeling that was a bad idea because I'm basically setting up a first date at her flat, which just seems kind of wierd. She hasn't replied yet (which doesn't bother me, she sent me her last text about an hour ago saying she was going to sleep, and she usually texts me first thing in the morning)

We're both due to go to a mutual friends birthday party on Saturday, so I could have just left it till then, and I think that would have made more sense so we could find out how well we get on and then set up a date if we do...

Any tips? I'm not pretending I'm not an AFC but I figured the advice you guys can give me would be better than anyone else!