Hello im a total noob to the PUA thing but it got me starting Reading.

I met a girl in 4day course and we got to be really good friends, ( and a smal sexual tention) but nothing hapend.
we chated and texted almost wevry day. and she talked to her friend about me all the time, and now her friend is going to wisit me in san francisco and we are going to share a hotel room for 2 days, and i really want to have sex with her
"first time" she wants me to show her the city.

she usaly do "the wink" on facebook, and she sayed that in the night or evening we can get drunk, becuse we are under 21 and cant drink wery often (we are european) 18 back home. sounds like flirting to me..

we will probobly share a queensize bed, and im thinking about asking for a massage and then offer it to her. to start sexual emotions. she can be a virgin i dont know i know i am . shes like a 4-5.

need help from experts how to close this girl, 2 days in a in a row, well see her on friday at like 7pm then i have all weekend with her.

Thanks from a new Believer.