She has been living with me for the last 3 months. I have been providing for her. About a month ago I did accuse her in my drunken stupor, which she did know I was drunk, that she was cheating and asked her to leave my apartment. She then came home and reassured me that it was not the case. Things were mended Right? WRONG! She was distant sexually/emotionally for this last month, I finally confronted her letting her know that I would never just ask her to leave. Even if things were not to work out with us, I would give her plenty of time to find a place. I had explained that it wasn't an excuse for my behavior while intoxicated, but that I deeply care about her and because of this I come off as overbearing, but, my intent is to protect. After watching some of these videos I'm on Tester/Invest, I am beginning to think that I am a orbiter in her mind and that her type is T(manipulated as a I). Not sure about D or J mainly because I haven't gotten anything for the last month do to her insecurities, and after that talk she got her period. On top of it all she is a Juggalette, So she hangs out at parties I cannot attend because I am not one of them. So as you can see the distrust can easily come into play. I do care a lot about her, on OKCupid I am considered a loverman personality. I guess any advice besides move on?