First of all I don't want to be her friend, I love her and really find her attractive. I've been on and off with her for 3 months and although we had a few dates we were really close and got on well. 2 weeks I asked if I was like family, and she said "do u want to be in the family" when I said "ya never know" she was like "what u meeean u never know!"

Some guy at our work got between us and even the last few weeks different guys who want her tried to put her off me and because of our history if a guy says I'm a certain way she believes them and thinks I'm probably jealous of them. A month ago she broke it off saying she didn't want a boyfriend but still called for like a week later.

She slowly stopped talking to me like a girlfriend. I told her how much she means to me and that I would like to know if we are going to progress then she tells me she just doesn't know what or who she wants right now. I tried talking about sex alot in person and in txt and even though she loved the conversations it still never changed her mind. I asked her this week what she really thought about us on because I was tired of things. I came on strong and told how "we shouldn't let it go" She said "I'm not letting it go, but this is early still"

So when I see her at work today she was giving mixed signals but was 85% not interested sometimes friendly face othertimes blank and cold. I thought I would test her and said "it's alright us being friends" and she said "shuuuut up lol" in a jokey but whiney way. She still flirts and seems to care but is desperate not to show it. When she moves away a bit from me as I flirt with her it's more a game. She has always done it.

Is this because she knows she wants more? prior to this day the girl always has warm and interested looks in her eyes. Today was awkward for me and her, because I didn't know how to be, I still wanted to touch and joke around, but I wanted her to feel comfortable, and she looked like she was brushing me off at times but didn't mind when I put my arm around her. I got out my phone and played with it too look like I was txting a girl, she watched from top of some stairs, and looked down really serious at me. She just kept staring it was weird.

She was in a 5 year relationship before she got with me, so she says she wants to clear her head and be single. I find it weird how she rushed to get with me though. Can I get her back? believe it or not she is very loving and kind.