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Thread: Best way to..

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    Default Best way to..

    hello everyone,

    im a newbie here and first post (registered yesterday night!) and have reach a certain level of consciousness of my qualities and default after few hours spent reading the threads.

    i'm really good a picking up numbers and burning the dancefloor, my problem is to reach the artist level, break the rapport to create interest and attraction.
    i'm living the revolution of my commencing decade which was completely lame :a new start begins. i had some casual sex but was never into a relationship i couldnt myself believe why and lost confidence but now it is so clear to see where i failed after reading a bit.

    i have few questions and just connected to 3 girls past week end.
    Here are the girls i'll talk about

    - Miss A : conservative. Nice body and cute face and increasing interest to me.As she is conservative i think it would probably not appropriate to push her to much. she is really into the text thing, i can even predict when she is gonna reply:roughly 1h30 which is a good sign showing a lot of enthousiasm and sunday evening once in the afternoon and one around 1am probably to show she is busy.All good signs to me. First date is imminent
    What is to you the best first date to isolate her and flirt/play and to game up progressively?

    - Miss B : quite convervative, she is taking the same dance class and i really caught her attention last week.
    I was inexperienced, a cockblock came and he managed to take her out of my space just with few words staying polite.
    you guys have basic thread to read to break cockblock, i have to learnt this since most of my failure to get girls numbers straight away is from this. i have the bless to easily catch girls attention at conversation, even with my average face.
    I'm gonna get her number no matter what this week for sure, probably have to face the cockblock again(not boyfriend yet)

    - Miss C : manage to see her in 3 days, was really into the text that i think i managed well. got to see her 2 days later. We planned a dance class sunday but i managed to get her coming to the club saturday.
    At the club, she was willing to dance close(tight to tight my hand on her ass), but i didnt managed to flirt and she was not willing to drink more than a cocktail. She had to leave and i couldnt find a way to get her stay despite few strategies. You never force someone, this is something that i observed by myself so i did let her go for a better retry later on.

    the next day i felt she might cancel, so in the afternoon i cancelled by myself to keep control and gain time to think about a new strategy.
    She replied that she was tired anyway.

    today i texted her just a what's up. and she came back to me with a real long text to say 'sorry not interested' as she is in a serious relationship. A nice shield.

    i lost this time, but maybe not the girl. i really though to ditch and move on( i hate to loose time), but i have the conviction she is alone. i'll let her chill and want convince her later and keep her i the bottom of the backpack. What's your best reply to say don't worry, stay cool and still keep her and a 'potential' later?
    some people think dont loose time and move on to next girl. But some also managed to get the girl despite her initial refusal, and dynamited the shield. I'm really to take the challenge, i know i have qualities. What's your input from your own experience.

    thanks for your advise wise guys


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