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    Talking A night gone well!

    Hey, fellas...need some advice on this one. I recently hung out with a female friend of mine and she brought her cousin along. Which was fine with me. What brought up the occasion was me being back in town. I had a couple buddy's with me from where I live now and they wanted to have a good time, so I setup a night out to strip clubs and bars. Even called in some of my old stripper friends who were working that night. Anyhow, now that you got the setting...I invited my female friend out in hopes of scoring with her but, she insisted her cousin come along too. I'd met her twice before briefly but, never really hung out with her but, I didn't care. She was pretty so, the more the merrier - right? Anyhow...I've recently lost a noticeable amount of weight and improved my skills on talking to women and am dressing better these days so, she definitely noticed and started flirting with me, telling me how hot I look now and all that. So, I'm thinking "cool"...I begin flirting with her, feeling her up (she's letting me without hesitation), she's sitting on my lap, all that good stuff in the strip club. Then, all of a sudden - she gets turned off, don't know why. But, she sits down in a chair next to me. So, I try to back off a little and start talking to her cousin who just finished whooping my buddies ass in pool and she persists to chat me up some. She was saying how she's never had a lap dance, so me...being the type to take someone's lap dance virginity, got me and her one together from the same dancer. Worked better than I imagined. She starts getting real into it...definitely helped the fact the dancer was hot. But, I figured I'd roll with it and started grabbing her ass and doing heavy KINO...she didn't say or stop me so, I went with it during and after the dance. From then on, she was sitting on my lap the entire night, giving me lap dance's and making out with me. She then persists to tell me that she feels bad because, she has a BF. I sort of just ignore that statement and back off for a few then pick back up...she goes with it again. She even whispers in my ears she's VERY horny and that what I'm doing to her feels very good but, she still feels bad and loves her BF very much but, yet she still is giving me a lap dance and is still sitting on my lap. Eventually, I convince her to go back to her place around closing friend (her cousin) is driving us, we're making out and feeling each other up on the way. Finally, we get to her house after picking up some fast food and, we walk into her apartment and BAM! She's like, "oh shit" I forgot my BF was here tonight...denied! I was sort of forced to sit there with my friend, the target and her BF. Though, he was sort of pre-occupied with video game's, I decided to push my luck as the two girls were laying across me on the couch...her BFs back was facing towards us. I'm feeling the target up again and she just smile's at me with a "you're bad" kind of look but, again doesn't stop me. Finally, my friend has gotta go, so had to leave but, I got the girls number. She text'd me a couple times and is wondering when I'm coming back into town. I tell her the next weekend...and that I'm getting a hotel this time, she says she can't wait. Also, my friend - the target's cousin told me when ever I'd leave the group to get drinks or what not, that she (the target) was telling her (my friend) how I was the coolest and most chill guy she'd met, so I guess - score? Now, if you read all that - god bless your heart and now, the question...should I text/call her at all this week or just let it sit as is and just let her know when I'm back in town?

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    Default Re: A night gone well!

    I'd text her two days before i come saying when m i arriving so she doesn't make plans.

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