Met a HB 8 via OkCupid. She actually opened me. Kiss closed on the second date. I've been catching her check out my profile repeatedly after the second date. So I tease her and call her "my stalker". She says she needs to get the opinions of her friends(to which I tell her "I like my odds then),but I have to pass the test of her gay BF, and if he thinks "I can't lay pipe" from judging my photos,then I'm done. So, I told her "I still like my odds". But this is clearly a shit test, I figure I'll be able to f-close in about two more dates, but that was before the shit test.

I could use some input fellas. I seriously wanna close this chick. Been following all the PUA rules on this one,and it's been working to a tee. But the "gay friend" thing rattled my cage a bit. Any thoughts or opinions?