This is a for a hot and cold girl who I have been in contact with for 3 months. She used to call me everyday for 2 months but then stopped. She lost interest it seems and told me she just came out of a long relationship and wants to be single.

Her eyes and body language while we are at work shows me she likes me a lot (squinting eyes, smiling, watching me, acting like a ***** to break my confidence) as much as she fights our chemistry, she still shows signs that she enjoys being around me. Then she also talks about other guys, how she gets numbers all the time but it seems all a test to me. I told her on the train, while I had my arms around her and as I noticed her talking a little soft to me.

I said..."You know....nah nothing...actually, I was thinking, we are tired now, but when we are both 100% we can take on the world............... ....together"

She said "um um what thats mean ya um"

then I said "Just me and you, ourselves, no other souls around us we would enjoy things"

She was like "umm ye"

I tried to go in slowly for a kiss but backed off when she slightly put her chin down. She let me kiss her twice on her cheek but once she put her chin down I thought "if you wanted she would at least look up at me"

How was the comment(s) and do you think it was good I never forced my lips onto hers? Last time we kissed was nearly 3 months ago. I love her but it's too soon for her because she was in a long relationship, I'm just giving it a go just so I can say I tried. We were on the train and had a few women sitting in front of us, and she was also using a MASSIVE bitch shield for the last 2 weeks.