I met a hot chick in the club, after running game on her she quickly warmed up to me, for some reason I could never pull the trigger on her though I got into this "might be the one" thing. We shared a lot of common interest, and well she moved into a house with a few of my friends. I was invited to a party at the place, and they wanted to get me drunk, i didn't mind since I rarely drink. Well I got emotional and started yelling about my ex calling her a slut for sleeping with some other guy, unfortunately the guy my ex cheated on me for was also an ex of the girl i was picking up, and everyone thought I was calling her a slut for once dating that guy. Now she doesn't want to see me, and my friends don't want to see me, they say im a jerk for saying those things about her, but I wasn't talking about her I was talking about my ex....Im not sure what to do now, i've been trying to just move on. idk though!