so i really need some help or an opinion on this:
i met a girl at a club she turns out to be 25 while im 20, it was a great pick up and we both felt like there was a certain level of connection and it was just genuine. i got the number and we have been texting a little bit, shes been really busy so she only sends me about 2 texts a day. thats no bigs it seems like she is going through some rough patch. anyways she sends me a text today saying:
"hey danny, i think u are really cute and i am gonna be honest. i just got out of a 6 year relationship and really not ready to get back out there. im still very confused and i dont want to pull you in my mess. thats why i used my age as an excuse."

so im not sure on what to do either let her go or make a comment trying to convince her otherwise. if anyone has any suggestions it would be great. thanks a lot.