So, I thought date four went awesome. Made out till 4 in the morning,crashed at her house,made out more in the morning. All signs were pointing to me getting pretty efffing close to sealing the deal on our next get together.

Then it seemed everything changed, I set up date 5 for next weekend(she has her kid every other weekend). She pretty much stopped replying to my texts,doesn't text me first anymore, and then cancelled date 5 already. She wanted to reschedule for a Sunday(father's day) but that just doesn't work for me.

Seriously,date 4 went really,really now I'm all kinds of confused.

So, I told her if she wants to get together sometime just hit me up. I figure I'll just pull a solid freeze out for a few weeks....and see what happens.

But,man,I'm completely confused by this chick. I've never met a chick that has been sooo damn hard to read like this one is.