This girl I work with well we work going out for 2 months had a few dates and then it cooled off for a month but she shows me signs still at work but doesn't call or txt me anymore. The other day she I made a pass at her and I wasn't sure if she appreciated it but she let me kiss her on the cheek twice and then out her chin down when I went to kiss her mouth.

She started acting all interested the other day, she was staring at me longingly on the train in front of our work colleagues and turning her body towards me almost like she was saying she was my girlfriend through her gestures. It was weird she swas so all over me I didn't really know what to do. Yesterday she was at work with this ugly geek guy who apparently has a girlfriend. She walks around with him and I think they get the train together because he lives near her but it's not confirmed. They made friends on my days off.

This ugly guy is always around her, and he is a bit of a dumbass and she is a really hot girl. When I tried talking to her with them she would kind of blank me(she doesn't want people to know she likes me) but she does this alot at work.

I asked her to wait for me yesterday because the other day she waited(without me asking) when work finished she had gone and when I got to the station and ran down she was sitting waiting with this guy. She looked like she could of gone but was waiting a bit but she never waited for me outside of work.

I said "I thought you were going to wait" and she made up something like she thought I was gone. I feel jealous because she is with some weird looking guy and doesn't spend anytime with me but when it is 1 on 1 she is lovely and we get on so well.

Normally I hug her but when I got off she didn't seem to warm and was giving me funny looks and **** so I taped her leg and told her I would see her at work tomorrow and then I got off without saying bye to this guy and some other, I know she will think I'm in a funny mood but I was tired and seems like she only wants me when it's suits her. She was walking around with the guy like she arrived to work WITH him, like she used to do with him.

So then I realised why she never answers her phone to go to work with me these days. She called today like she felt bad but spoke about something completely different but you could tell she was crawling around me. She kept telling me her phone was on so I could txt her but I just got to work and was supposed to see her but she wasn't in and she called me to say she had the day off. She told me to txt her later or something so I did because it was like the second time she asked me. Why would she behave this way?