hi i was wonder what to reply on a profile of a HB8
here what she`s written on her profile
Just being nosey really Having a mooch etc
Do not like hi babe ! touch my penis ?
Like originality
Love creatives
Dislike bores
Im alright really, You could do worse I suppose :P

If I meet you, I will definately be meeting other people till I am sure I have found the right one, then I will stop seeing everyone else. call me a player if you like I call it DATING!
If you annoy me i will definately tell you so.
I will not make more effort than you are willing to
Time & tide wait for no man - neither do I, Ha
If you are not happy with yourself you have no buisness even talking to me, I will not make you feel better, ha
I will not massage anyones ego, and do not expect anyone to do likewise with me
If I like you I will tell you, If I don't I will also tell you
All of the above is what men do anyway so why hate on me ? I have no idea Why does everyone think I'm Joking ? I'm being serious