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    Default Girl says she needs more time?

    Everything was alright intil she started throwing sh1t test after sh1t test. The other day she started talking about how she met some nice young guy who is from her country and they were cuddling etc, this is what caused a problem for us because I became AFC and reacted to what she was saying.

    I asked her "So you cuddle anyone?" and she said "I don't want to be controlled that's why I don't want a boyfriend" I just said to her "Well you are acting like we met last week and I want to know where this is going" and she said she didn't know how she felt and she needed more time.

    What could she mean though because I've been known this girl for 4 months. Not many dates to be honest but we see eachother at work and spoke on the phone at one point for 2 months straight. I can tell that she likes me and I like her but she says to me that she doesn't know how she feels and "if it is meant to be then it will be"

    She goes out with friends, apparently sees other guys(not sure what she does) and seems to enjoy telling me all about this and when I ask her where it is going between us she says she doesn't know. She says to me "it's up to you if you want to wait"

    Wait for what, her to nail other guys before getting serious with me?? She was in a long relationship prior to this, but it's hard to know what she wants. She used like me cuddling her now this week she says I'm being to easy and it's boring and she thinks I'm killing it before it's begun because I'm acting like her boyfriend but I'm not yet. Sometimes she will right things on facebook like "she is ready for a new man in her life" etc.

    The thing is when she looks at me in my eyes she seems like she cares and is interested and even has tears in her eyes sometimes. She really comes across like she likes me a hell of alot more than she really shows because I really noticed the "little" things. We got into what she would call an argument because of this, although I didn't shout I just demanded her to listen to me while I spoke my mind because she wouldn't listen.

    I said to her "You say you see other guys but the problem hear is that we don't see eachother outside of work, we have a connectioned but we are doing nothing with's like you don't value me" she said that we never arranged anything recently and got really defensive and told me I shouldn't pressure it.

    I said to her I think we get on but being at work is a problem for us the way we act. She said "nobody knows what we got" I didn't know what to say to that. What should I do? we gel well but her not speaking her mind and giving out tests all the time has started to bother me. I'm 27 and she is 22 btw.

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    Default Re: Girl says she needs more time?

    Drop her. She doesn't want you. Simple as that.

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