Ok so I was going out with one girl and lived with her maybe eight months. First everything was great and then something started to happen. It seemed that she wasn't so interested of me anymore, and I did some things to make her attracted to me again, and it worked for a while.

Later it went even worse. Seemed that she didn't want to be committed anymore and we were arguing often and she always won me in subjects we argued for, by telling me that she doesn't love me anymore and she want's to get on with her life. I was stupid and let her win me with that kind of saying, but I was in love.

She is that type of person who wants to be free, go to places alone and with friends but NOT with a boyfriend or husband. She wants to meet new people, especially guys.

Her whole family was against me since the beginning of our relationship and that affected her very much.

Then we ended up with separation, and she moved abroad for a while. Our separation was nearly one year ago and in the beginning of that she told she wasnt interested of me at all and she never loved me, but her behaviour was different.

We have been chatting through internet while she has been abroad, only with text. Now she is returning from her abroad time.

Now her behaviour mostly has been like she isn't interested to even set up a meeting with me and that she doesnt care about me even as a friend, but still wants to keep up communication with me somehow.

She doesnt want to talk about our past at all, not a word. If I try to talk about it, she gets angry and tells me to stop, not depending of what I say.

She is telling me that she doesnt know me anymore and I dont know her anymore, and she doesnt want to be "open" to me about anything. She just tells hows it going and ask same from me.

What to do? How to reignite her love (I know she was in love deeply, it was too easy to read her)? How to make her miss me? How to make her desperate? When I am in contact with her through internet, what should I say? I am ready to do nearly anything to get her back. Of course I dont show it to her, that I am desperate sometimes its month when we dont chat, and mostly its because I dont start chat until she does.

But oh well, it would be great to have some advices!

Thanks guys!