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    Default # Closed and date set up. How to stop her from flaking?

    Last Tuesday I got this girl’s number while sitting next to her on the bus home after work. It was a really good conversation and there was good body language, we were turned facing each other for most of the conversation. After a series of texts, as shown below, we provisionally set up a date for this Wednesday (the week after the initial meeting).

    Me: Tuesday 20.33 Hi, u know I don’t normally like lawyers, but maybe ur different? (she is a lawyer by the way)

    HB: Tuesday 21.01 Haha what would make me different?

    Me: Tuesday 21.21 If I tell u then u’ll just pretend to be like that lol

    HB: Tuesday 21.55 No tell me

    Me: Tuesday 22.38 Wow ur serious lol, are u genuinely a nice person at heart?
    By the way, is it ……..(her name)

    HB: Tuesday 22.52 Yes it is. I don’t know if it’s nice, just be who u are. I always believe in being genuine, no other way.

    Me: Wednesday 18.36 Good answer lol, so ur not like all the other lawyers I’m ……..(my name) by the way, with that spelling believe it or not. Good day? (my name is spelt slightly differently compared to the norm)

    HB: Wednesday 18.56 That is a different spelling, never seen that. Difficult clients today but just take it in my stride. Did u have a good day?

    Me: Wednesday 20.07 It’s a unique spelling lol. Awww what happened with those clients? My day was nice and laidback for once lol

    The next morning
    HB: Thursday 07.43 Morning ……, today is another day. I will have a productive day. Have a good day J

    Me: Thursday 12.54 Hiya, hope ur day is going better than yesterday lol. Was wondering if u wanted to go for a drink sometime, maybe next week J

    HB: Thursday 13.33 Hey it’s better today. Hope yours is too! Yeah next week sounds fine. Enjoy

    Me: Thursday 17.50 It’s good in the sense that it’s Friday tomorrow lol. How about next Monday or Wednesday next week after work? We can sort out place closer to the time lol. Off to the gym now but I’m lazy

    HB: Thursday 20.35 Hope you had a good workout! Wednesday is better for me as Monday in …..(another city) for agm

    Me: Thursday 22.03 It was good but tiring, wish I had my own personal masseuse lol. Ur Monday sounds painful lol. Wednesday it is then J

    That’s where it ended. For some reason, she didn’t seem that flirty and jokey in texts so it wasn’t really possible to start a fun conversation. Though, as the initial meeting with her went well, I knew she at least kind of liked me.

    I suppose my main problem is that I’ve left it so long in between the initial meeting and the date (8 days), which gives her plenty of time to flake, and means I’m losing any momentum I built up during meeting her. For a first date though, I felt meeting on the Friday/weekend would be too personal (plus I want to make it seem like I’m a busy man), and due to availability, it had to be that Wednesday. I will contact her tomorrow (Sunday) but I’m not entirely sure how to proceed beyond the usual asking how her weekend is and sorting out the date location.

    I’m sure all is not lost and that I have a great chance of actually going for a date with her, but given the length of time between our possible next meeting and the lack of communication the last 2 days, there is also probably a large margin for error to mess things up and lose her interest.

    My question is, therefore, how should I proceed and what should I say to maintain her interest and stop her from flaking?

    Thanks for your help.

    P.S. Please do critique my text exchange, any negative or even positive comments. I’m sure there is lots of room for improvement.
    Last edited by Jaz; 06-11-2011 at 06:24 PM.

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