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    Default worst case of oneitis ever!

    Ok I got a real tough one for you guys! I don't suppose there's anybody on here that could help me with a girl that I'm sure I initially had great attraction with but after 2 dates didn't even want to kiss me. It's a crazy story similar to My Big Fat Greek Wedding with the genders reversed. I have NEVER been so attracted to a girl but I thought I was really charming and cool with her both times we hung out. She was my first real instant date, although I first met her over a year before that instant date took place (but she didn't know that at the time). On the way to our instant date she told me she really loved "meat" and not long after getting there I asked her descent, she said greek and native american, I asked if she had any mexican in her and she said not that she knew of, so I asked if she wanted some, she got a big smile on her face and said "it could happen!" but since then things have gone sour. The first time we met I tried doing the mystery formula. Attraction, qualification, comfort, then seduction. It was a little off because I wasn't real prepared and I'm still getting used to his method but I did that formual a lot better the second time we got together, but I could tell on the second date she was a lot less enthusiastic. The one thing I didn't do much of was neg. Negging has always been difficult for me but with this girl it was even harder because she seemed so perfect. In my book she's a 10 in looks and an 11 in personality. I even used Sinn's "did you used to be fat" for qualification/comfort on our instant date. I figured her to be a Pandora's box "modern woman", so to make myself look like her I said that I enjoy having fun but am always searching for that special someone. Also since Nataly the modern woman from Pandora said she likes guys who are honest and strait forward, I laid it all out in the seduction phase.
    We first met last year when I was working in a restaurant and waited on her. I thought she was the sexiest girl I ever saw but couldn't figure out a way to get her number, but never forgot about her. Right before I met her again this month I decided to move out of state. On our second date my plan was to tell about how our meeting paralleled the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding and then tell her I was leaving next week and it would mean a lot for us to spend the night together. I know a lot of you guys will probably cringe at that but before the date I thought things were going good and this would work, and like I said she's a modern woman. But like I said when the date began I could sense her lack of enthusiasm. So when I got to seduction I just told her I'd like to keep in touch and maybe I could get her to fall in love with me and have her move out to Vegas someday. Again she smiled and said it could happen but then told me that she wasn't ready for a relationship because she had a bad break up in January and was supposed to get married in May. I feel there's more to the story though and I did something on our first date to turn her off. On that date I asked her for 3 things about her that she was proud of, she then asked me the same thing and I told her I give great massages. She kept saying how she would have to test me on that but towards the end of the date when I asked her if she wanted a massage that day she gave me the lame excuse that she had to go feed her cats. I'm sure if Ryan Reynolds (who she has a huge crush on) had asked her she would have done it in a heartbeat and I can't imagine this girl has been celibate since January. Man I didn't mean to go into this much detail. If you can help with something other then saying "you're leaving town so forget about her". I couldn't forget about it her after waiting on her one time, I don't think I can now after being so close. Right now my only game plan is to read "How to make anyone fall in love with you" and see if that gives me any ideas or hopefully make it really big in Vegas and see if that will change things. I know you're not supposed to buy a girls attention but I tried everything else I know and couldn't even get a kiss. I know if I could get her in bed I could make her forget all about that other guy. I really think something can be done with her and hopefully you guys can help.
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