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    Default Stripper With kiss closer


    Last Saturday night i was able to close the deal with HB9 girl and take her number. Now im not sure what to do!!

    So i went to a restaurant with 2 of my friends.The restaurant is open till 5 am in L.A, which people go there after clubing.

    I sat with my friends and after 5 min my friend is telling me that there is chick that is staring at you.
    When i looked at her she was on the opposite table. to make the story short. I had strong eye contact with her/smiles between us. if some one could read my eyes last night it would of been "Your mine"!!.

    She decided to get up and go to the bathroom. She did it in teasing way and passed by me. i got the hint and followed her. Eventually i used my big body 6.3ft 270 lb to blocked her way when she got out of the bathroom, I started talking to her and eventually she asked me for my number. I ignored her question and went for the kiss, I had my arm around her back. She gave me the signs that she is ready to be kissed. I started playin with her (Hicky/cheak kiss) and when i went for the lip kiss she give me this little push. Which idont get it? she was ready to be kissed i could see it.Anyway i called my number from her cellphone.
    Then we went back to our seats after 10 min she did the same teasing move to make me go and follow her. I didnt follow her this time and ignored her move.

    In less than 5 min me and my friends left the restaurant.

    Btw she little bit drunk.

    So i text her the day after:

    ME:"Hey cute stuff, nice kiss last night"
    She called me after and had little conversation and i could tell she likes me because of her voice tone. So i asked her what are your plans ? and she said she is not sure because she is with her girl. She asked me if i wanna go for drink, i said sure but i have busy schedule so i need to check it and ill text you back. <--- Not being the available person.

    After 30 min i texted her:
    Me:Hun i'm on my way to the gym to coach my friend Ashely. i'll test you when i'm done.We gonna have fun tonight<---- Showing my social value.

    After 2 hours

    Me:Hey cuty where are you now ?
    Chick: im at blah blah,about to leave.

    20 min after
    Me: Where are you taking ur cute little self to?
    Chick:Probably work in a few it was 7:00 pm
    Me: Interesting what excatle that you do ?
    Chick: Dance
    Me: I know it from the way you walked by me last night <-- She was walking by me in teasing way like no girl could ever do unless she is stripper lol
    Chick: Haha Temporary.
    Me: Enjoy you time cause i'm enjoying mine We will talk later.
    Chick: Do i live here?
    Me: Yes i do.
    Then she never replied back this testing was last night.

    Today i sent msg to her in 12:30 pm
    Me: Did you have fun last night?

    i haven't received any text back.

    So what do you guys think? Did she lose interest? Should i call her tmrw?
    Give me some feed back.
    I want her as gf.

    Give me your feed back on everything.
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