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    Default First Number close

    I totally feel that AA all the time and usually it takes a few drinks to get rid of it. I never really drink during the day hence I never approach women during the day. So, today I'm chillin by my pool at my apartment complex. I fatty walks in sits down across the pool (not what you think). 5 minutes later another chick (about a 7) walks in and sits next to the fatty their friends. The pool was pretty empty besides us. I had already been there for an hour and really had to go to work. So, after sitting there for 15 minutes I realized I had to go and forced myself to say fack it and I am going to number close.

    I walk around the pool sit in a lounge chair next to her.
    Me: "hey how you doin"
    Her: "good how are you?"
    M: good good. But I am in a dillema.
    H: whats that?
    M: I would love to stay and chat with you for a minute but I have to go to work right now. Let me get your digits and I'll txt you sometime?
    H: Well... (as she scratches her head wondering what to do) I'm actually in a slight relationship thing
    M: (I interrupt) Hey hey your advancing our relationship way to fast already (haha) We wouldn't be doing anything illegal just making a new friend.
    H: (she smiles) alright. (digits)
    M: whats this area code
    H: blah blah
    H: and she give me her name
    M: I shake her hand tell her mine and i'll txt her soon and walk away

    Thats it. I just tried to make it simple and I hope it goes somewhere but I'm just stoked I did it and accomplished task one.

    Any suggestions about next step would be cool.

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    Default Re: First Number close

    Not bad. If it doesn't work out, sit out again and get the fatty. lol

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