I'll keep it short n sweet guys:

- Out of the blue, I email this girl I used to hang out with three years ago, just to touch base. We email back and forth several times on how we are doing etc;
- Back when I met her I was in a relationship, so I mention that I'm no longer with Wendy;
- She is very positive, happy to hear from me, and responds excited to my idea of catching up after my vacation;
- Three weeks later I sent her two text messages, but no reply.

To give her one last chance, I dropped her a line on Facebook, to which she replied "So sorry, I did get your text messages, but forgot to reply. I won't be free this weekend, perhaps next week?".

How would you deal with these "mixed signals"? She was very excited n playful when emailing, but then "forgets" to reply to two text messages?

Basically all communication has been great, except for not replying to my texts. What would you do?

Thanks for the advice ;-)