There's a girl at the summer job I work at who I'm interested in. The environment is laid back, our desks are next to each other, and there's plenty of opportunity for chit chat.

We work together once a week for about 5 hrs.

Things are good so far, we have a good rapport but I'd like to work out a situation where we meet outside of work. We live close by each other so travel isn't an issue so much.

At work this week at the beginning of the day we were both on Facebook. I forgot what prompted it but she asked me to add her as a friend...good sign.

This week and last we went out for lunch along with another guy we work with. Her and I did most of the talking...joking around and such.

She likes the bruins a lot and there happened to be the finals for the Stanley cup on that night (2 days ago)...
toward the end of the day I said something to the effect of "normally I wouldn't ask...but since I see you really like the bruins, you wanna watch it at my house?" earlier in the day I mentioned there'd be a group of people coming over to watch on our bigscreen tv.

She said "normally I would but I have work when the game is on" and she gave specific times so I'm inclined to believe she genuinely had work...

Ten minutes later, as I was getting ready to go I pulled her sunglasses off the desk and jokingly said something like "hey let me steal these...and I'll bring them to you after the games over"

Her second job is in close distance to my house. And that's where I think I went wrong, something about my delivery...
Because in the pause after I said lemme steal these and I'll bring them back later she said
"no way! I lose to many sunglasses." I chuckled, said okay, and gave them back. I teased/guilted her afterwards with "your no fun just takes a little trust...but that's cool" which I made sure to say playfully (was that a bad decision given the context?)

I mentioned maybe stopping by when the game ended just for the heck of it (ice cream shop)

And she said no, definitely enjoy the game, blah blah obviously not wanting me to stop by.

I ceded and left after saying "haha okay, I'll probably be too drunk anyway (bad move? Felt like one...especially since earlier i said i don't have time for drinking on weekdays) I'll see you next week"

My questions are...

What should I have done differently?

Next week I'll have the opportunity to interact again in person...ideas for what to do then?

Should I interact at all on Facebook during the week?