I've been on and off with this girl for about a year and half..when were together in a relationship, everything is perfect. We never have a good time, we have a great time, we dont have good or average sex, we have crazy off the wall, mind blowing sex for hours at a time. On top of that, I do really love her and think she is the one. The main problems are: she is 10 yrs younger and is not ready to settle down..she is 24. So every 4-7 months of being together, never fighting or arguing, me treating her real good..she goes into a shell and gets real distant. To the point were I have to end things, not that I want to, but theres no choice. She does have past emotional issues and not the best family. I began to realize the less I pursue her when were apart, thats when she comes around..plus I work with her and its hard to just get her out of my head. Im not stupid, I know shes dating and haanging out with other exes. Lately Ive really been laying low, but I dont want to the point of no return. btw I know she does love me and is really into the sex..should I give it one more shot? thanx guys