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    Default how to close this?

    Alright, So I have this girl I work with. We have been texting back and forth for about a month now. the first night we hung out she and I ended up holding hands and having some kino. Then we went and got dinner the next night. Over the last month she has made a point to come see me at work pretty often, and text me as well. For instance, I don't text her all the time just once in awhile and she randomly texts me things like "how was your day?" which IMO no girl would text that to some guy she has known for a month that she wasn't into. She also text me "happy fathers day" which nobody but family usually does stuff like that.

    Problem is, every time I ask her to hang out she always turns me down. She only tries to see me at work (she always initiates coming to see me) and talk to me over text. When I ignore her she seems to try harder to get my attention, but like I said she never makes time to hang out.

    Do you all think she just wants attention or what???

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    Default Re: how to close this?

    I think dude what you might be dealing with is a chick who's a little different in the sense that she isnt submissive. Most girls of course sh*t test guys and stuff but ultimately, they like the guy to be the one who "takes the lead". Has she ever suggested u guys hang out? I think she is into you, but maybe u should ask her for date suggestions and she might feel that even tho your the one leading the date, she had important input. You might possibly want to try gain a bit of control back from her after that but see how this goes first.

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