OK here goes.
I'm absolutely not experienced with girls in any way. Up to last week I didn't even realize when i was being hit on by a girl until my friend said so.
So last Night we were at this club again and i decided to keep an eye out for something happening and it did.
There was this group of girls dancing in the corner where i was dancing and one of em gave me a good look and approached me, we started dancing and grinding and eventually one of the others joined in. Some time later I had danced with all of em. And then out of the blue this one girl aks me: With whome are you here? So without thinking twice I simply said with my buddy, who was standing a few meters away talking to a friend of his whom he bumped into and pointed in his direction.
Right at that moment all af them just went cold and turned away.
Since this has never happened to me before, both getting the attention from so manny girls at once as well as their turning cold. I had no clue what had happened.

What's up with that girl asking with whom i am, first instead of a proper intoduction like: Who are you?
And has anyone a clue what could have happened that made them go cold out of nowhere?

And what would be a better response if this would ever happen again?
When i told my buddy what had happend he said next time say somthing like I'm with you aren't I? But i think It's tway to cheesy. And to say that i'm flying solo wouldn't be fair to my wingman. Or is this a necessary evil in this situation?