i met this girl online, but i just dunno what to do!!

allow me to tell the story from the begging, cuz i feel its important:

a couple of months back a girl sent me a message on facebook saying that she liked my profile pic. so i added her as a friend.
then i went to her formspring page and asked her some questioned and she asked back. and i posted some stuff on her facebook page. nothing serious.
then she just stopped coming to her facebook and formspring. then deleted her facebook all together!!

then like 3 weeks ago she hunted me down on formspring. she had a new account and i didnt know it was her at 1st, not until she started hinting it out to me.

she started asking me questions and i asked her some. after a couple of days when i asked her a question she said that her answer is "too long" and she wanted my email, to send the answer to.
she sent me the answer, then after a day or 2 she sent me another email about the same stuff we were talking about, then on the 3rd email she posted her phone number at the end and said that my questions to her were "too deep" and that she got tired of writing. and that i should call her, and that its normal for her and that she has a lot of guy friends that had her number

after a couple of more emails, she again said that a i could call her if i wanted

p.s.: this chick sees herself as a spiritual mentor, and when she talks about me calling her, she said that it is because she can "help me". help me with what? i dont know!!
shes 19
she believes in the secret, and the low of attraction and all that stuff

i wasnt planning on anything at the beginning, and i still dont know what to expect from this thing.

can u plz tell me what to say or do, and what to expect from her. i still havnt met her in person or anything, or even called her yet

one last thing. she always talks about how i like to "embarrass her" its not something that i do intentionally or anything. but for some reason she takes everything i write too personally.
at one point she said that she blocked me from her facebook page because i do that. then a couple of days later she said that she lied and that she deleted her facebook because of the "haters"