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    Default Girl at work giving me IOIís

    There is this new girl at work who I only started speaking to a few days ago. Straight away we got on well and I was also getting some IOIís, such as I mentioned in my earlier post:

    She also intimated twice about going out for drinks. First, in an email exchange she put ďI owe u a pint!Ē, where I responded ďu certainly do!Ē but then as she was going home she just replied ďsee u tomorrow!Ē. Secondly, she wanted me to teach her something for work and made a jokey remark about doing the teaching over a drink.

    I genuinely do feel a bit ďchemistryĒ there which I havenít felt in a long time, despite the fact Iíve talked to numerous girls that Iíve gone on with. Itís because of this why Iím hesitant and donít want to mess it up with her.

    In a social situation, like out of work during the day or at a club, I would attempt to number close or kiss close. However, as itís at work Iím unsure how to proceed. I donít want to seem too forward and needy as this would turn her off.

    So, Iím not sure about how to play it from here?

    And what to say to move things forward?

    Should I bring up the subject of drinks out of the blue ďso when are u going to buy me that drink?Ē etc, or should I wait for her to intimate something like that again and then try and continue it from there.

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    Default Re: Girl at work giving me IOIís

    If u ask my two cents all u have to do is just have a great convo with her while watching her body language and use something like: so what was your most badass moment.... As a topic so she gets in into a fun mood if she isn't there already. And after those laughs say: Hey I am going to (insert bar/club) and maybe you could buy me that pint u owe me.

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