Need some advice guys. At my job, there is a older woman that I been interested in from day one. I'm 26 and she is in her mid 40s. During the past year, we chatted at work when I seen a opportunity to. She shared the basics of her life during our chats. I received several IOIs from her: winks, pokes to the shoulder / chest, interested in my life, etc. So a few days ago, I asked her to the movies. She said she will get back with me because of her boyfriend schedule and other activities she has going this weekend. The next day, she let me know that she talked to her boyfriend and said its not a good idea. She tells him everything, told him we are just friend, so he wasnt having it. But her body language spelled nervousness giving me the indication that maybe she regrets telling her boyfriend. But she asked if I would like to anyway, with the boyfriend also. I said sure (to make things less arkward) and she asked for my number. I wrote it and she placed my number in her wallet. We talked for a minute and I started to make my exit. She winked at me and said bye. As expected, she didnt call and I made other plans.

So, how to proceed with the older woman? I know she in interested in me in some way and dont want to just not do anything about it. She 20 years older than me and sex is one thing I want from her but dont mind being friends with benefits. But cant do much if her boyfriend and she is in a committed relationship. thanks PUAs!