I met this girl during the last two years of my senior high school. she ask me to sit next to her during sports i just ignore her even tho she ask me on several occasion i turn down all of them.

then i began to hang out with her and develop attraction. i would go gym everyday to sit next to her for 20 mins on the train bad huh?

after our final years of high school together, she went for a holiday. after she came back we Skype everyday text each other to come online, she usually sms me to come on and talk.

while on her holiday she fell head over heels in love with an escort. we ended up drinking coffee at Starbucks and going back to her place and watched her watch videos for a couples of hrs. when i said i wanted to leave she beg me to stay so i did just sat there n so nothing.

we meet up for the 2nd time she dyed my hair and ate bread at her place. again nothing happen sat there and watched T.V when i sergest what we do some thing she reply with " naa i dont want too" or i'm too tired".

couple of weeks past i got in to a depress state cuz i have been apart from her, so i decide to delete her out of my life (phone, face boook, skype...).

a couple of mouths later she sms me

her: hi bang how are you?

Me: im good bro, hey lets meet up and have lunch man?(at the time i didnt know it was her or els i wouldnt of reply)

Her: we will meet to day is it ok after collage

Me: na i cant i have uni open day

Her: ok

Her: bang

Her: wen do u wanan meet Jesus lord!!!!!!

Me: yea how about u come to my hood and we ill do some thing crazy like eat Afcian food

Me: guess not call u next time in at cty (this was at 3 o'clock in the morning n 2 day after the last text)

her: ahahhahahaha what the frick bang i was sleeping are u still in the city.

i didn't replay after that

i need detail advice i want her to be my girl cuz i like her.

what should i dooooo!!!!