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    Default Re: My angel without wings(isn't such an angel)

    the wingman is short, fat, not so charming, has divergent social circles and probably isn't in the proper emotional condition to hit on women. Furthermore I don't care about going out as said in the first post, I just do things on the side for sport, to pass time and hopefully gain friends along the way.

    at this point I am collecting myself and moving on. I've got a number of "soft relationships" concurrently going on. I care about the girls I'm talking to, but they're all aware that I don't want anything more than friendship and there is nothing physical.

    In the end:
    no significant explicit monetary loss.
    somewhat lowered GPA but still tolerable
    few small lost opportunities but nothing that cannot be recovered from.
    lesson's learned in life.

    Could've been worse.

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    Default Re: My angel without wings(isn't such an angel)

    Quote Originally Posted by xultima View Post
    Who I am: charming, athletic, smart, young motivated man at a top university who will graduate at the top of his class, land a solid job and move on to a top business school for his MBA/MSF.
    background: classic loner/computer nerd crossed with the highschool football star, cares more about electronic toys than people in general(in short I DGAF about going out and would rather play videogames, but when forced into a group situation I'm the guy who games girls for sport and has others asking how) stands to inherit a few million dollars as well.

    Chick: damaged goods, attractive but realistically a 7/10. Personality is usually a 10/10. I mean that, I've toyed with literally hundreds of women for sport. Intelligent and edgy enough to keep me on my toes. Videogame playing and does martial arts. To me, she's a nerd's dream come true.

    Long story short:
    I met girl through business club, and am effectively forced to talk to her due to a project. What should have been 10 minutes of talking turned into 10 hours, and a repeated 10 hours the next day and the day after and so on... some time goes on and I decide "fark it, who cares if she's not what I'd normally game I like this chick" and bullsh1t ensues.

    Issue: she's in a relationship with another guy. relationship is likely a rebound. other guy is short, fat, has an ugly face, a small d1ck(he's very nice though, he's even gone as far as giving me permission to fark his girl without me asking) they have "history"

    I've been dealing with being the other guy for going on 10 months now. At this point I'm feeling battered and abused. I've been told to go elsewhere countless times by the girl as she feels she isn't worth it.

    It's not a 50-50 relationship at this point, it's a 90-10. I've been absolutely incredible to her, any other girl would feel like a princess. I told her a few months ago that she had until the end of August to make a decision. I'm thinking about moving this deadline up to the end of July. She said she'd have made up her mind before then, so this shouldn't be an issue.

    I'm just looking for people to tell me to gftog
    Holy crap, this post paints a much better picture than you can ever imagine.

    A Psychologist could teach a whole course on the way you've presented yourself and her.

    I'm glad you got it figured out with her.
    I have failed more than most men have tried.

    Every woman you pass up is a woman you will never have.

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