I'm still a newb at this, but laughing the whole way through it. Too funny...

Anyway, bakery/sandwich place I visit MAYBE 1x a week if not every 2 weeks. New "summer" helper, Russian, maybe...lots of them.

This one is easily a 9/10, but she doesn't know it. I can see it in her eyes. Language is a bit of a barier, but I also know from past experience that foreign girls rarely come work in America to hang out with guys from their own country.

So I'm going in for a coffee this morning. Going to throw a "How come every time I come in here, you're here too?" It will confuse her while she translates it, and I think that's half the fun. She seems kinda shy, and I really want to see her smile for me.

Is it awkward/inappropriate to try to number close her at the counter? With people in line? About 4 co-workers behind the counter with her (all Russian).

Thanks in advance guru's!