Ok guys...much better than bakery girl (who wasn't even working)

I booked a hotel for a road trip for work. Same day a Buddy of mine's girlFriend from high school 10 years ago finds me on FB. She's living in the town I booked the hotel. We meet up (hb9)have dinner, and says she's interested in visiting me in a few weeks. Everyone says that, bit nobody follows through.

2 weeks later (yesterday), she calls me and wants to visit next weekend. We arrange her travels together on the phone, chat about her work and when she asks about me I tell her snippets, but am mostly self edifying. I look down and it's been 45 minutes so I instantly know I need to end the convo before she does. Great, no problems. Ttys. Bye.

So...now what??!! She's a Cinderella nji I'm pretty sure...but I'm new to the 8 types system.

She doesn't like texting. FB use is ocational. We're obviously ok on the phone but I don't know where to lead the convo or how short to make it. Or to do nothing at all right now??