Hi i know a girl that i met 2-3 times in a group, and when we were talking about a girl that we other had met the day befor she was like asking me super fast when we menchend her (IS SHE HOT??) and the question was asked to me. even to i wasent the one brining up the toppic about her.

and erlier that day she asked if i liked another girl that we were talking about and asked what i liked and dident like.

is this IOI`s ? and we both got really happy when we realised that both of us were in to karate and the same style of it to,
did alitle talking about that and she got really intressted, ( she is better then me in it ) thnaks for the help to read this girl.

PS: everyone tells me she is a (man eater) and hitting on everything, she is like a HB8