In the interest of brevity, here is a description of how things have gone:

I meet this girl after overhearing her spill the vast majority of her baggage to a friend at a bar. She's embarrassed about it and surprised I still asked her out. I took her out on fantastic and simple dates - held off on having sex with her (possibly to my disadvantage, but with the type of girl she is it was more than likely a better idea). She's absolutely smitten by how I treat her on dates because she's used to guys being scum. After a few dates we see each other a few days in a row, the third basically being an all-day date.

This girl is into me, is extremely comfortable around me and has a blast any time we meet. The last day I hung out with her (July 4th) when we spent most of the day together we had sex for the first time. It didn't go great but it was still fine; she orgasmed but the condom had broken which freaked her out a little after(I didn't finish though, and assured her that I was clean). We still spent the rest of the day having a wonderful time despite the mishap.

Now, however she seems to be turning off from me a little bit. I've kept the texting to a minimum but it's been nearly impossible to meet up with her again. I've admitted interest in seeing her again and piqued her curiousity on a couple of occasions since then. I've done it in a fairly confident way but I admit, I've been a little impatient and am insanely confused by such a drastic change of pace on her part. She was very willing to meet up at pretty much any time. She hasn't answered my text all day(where I spilled that I'm kinda missing her and that it's difficult for me to admit it), so I've got to let a couple days go by no matter what now; I'm just baffled as to why she's changed so intensely so quickly.

In my mind I know I need to just back off, but I'm still trying to pinpoint why this might be happening. The easy conclusion is that she's changed her mind but given the previous interactions we've had it just doesn't add up. If I had to delve into it, my guess would be that she's a little freaked out by a guy actually treating her well; she probably does really like me and who I am and just doesn't understand how to handle it.

Not so brief, but I'm very descriptive by nature. Everything had gone literally perfect up until now and I just don't get it. If anyone with any advice wants more elaboration on anything feel free to ask. Any help is appreciated.