So here's the deal it's almost my bday and I want to have someone to do on that day you know. I have one girl that may be set up but what I'm really looking for is one last screw with my Ex. However, she isn't budging at first I tried to butter her up with sappy I love and want to get back with you kind of play so it can happen but she didn't go for it. She also told me she had been dating someone else. today though i said screw I got nothing to lose and I just told her straight up that we should be friends with benefits and at first she sounded upset that I said that but after txting for 2-3 hrs we were joking around and she kept saying that it wouldn't work because she is busy and I'm too far. and at the end she just said that she wants to concentrate on her new potential relationship. So anyways for you pros out there HERE is where I need help, I know she seems interested because we literally txted for like 2 hrs about us hooking up and she would have just ignore me or told me to fuck off other wise, but how do I get her "slut defense mechanism" to go down for this situation?

HELP plz she's a pretty good lay and it'd be awesome if I can have her for my bday