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    Default Kino on a first date

    Got this girl’s number a few days ago (see this thread and went on a date with her yesterday evening. We went for drinks in a bar and then for a meal at a different venue (the meal wasn’t planned).

    I’ve been practicing kino on various girls at work lol and have become far more comfortable with it. With this in mind, yesterday was the perfect opportunity to try it out for real. So, while we were sitting on the couch next to each other having drinks, every now and again I would touch her knee or her arm (nothing too prolonged). There was no kino in return from her but she didn’t seem to be uncomfortable with my kino. In the end, as there was no kino from her I decided to ease off with my kino and leaned back.

    In situations like mine, what would have been the right way to play it?

    Moreover, what is an appropriate level of kino on a first date? After all, I don’t want to seem too desperate lol!

    I can say that during the entire date we did get on pretty well (not really a spark though) and the whole thing (drinks and meal) lasted over 4 hours. We did exchange kisses at the end (she kissed my cheek while I kissed hers) but this was difficult as we were saying goodbye on the train home and she got off at an earlier stop.
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