Back story: Was really good friends with a girl at high school, never had the confidence to ask her out even though I was told by her best friend that she liked me (D'oh). A few months later I'd got my confidence up enough to ask, was talking to her (about to ask) when a (different) friend of hers walked round the corner and announced that she knew a guy who fancied her, they were going out before the end of the school day. This completely destroyed my fragile confidence having come so close and I never even considered asking her out during the rest of our school lives even though that relationship didn't last long.

Finished school in 2000 and never got each others phone numbers so lost contact. She added me/I added her (can't remember which way round it was) on facebook when I signed up 3 years ago and we comment on each others statuses regularly but never talk on the chat feature.

I want to ask her out but would prefer to do it in person, we live in the same smallish town so the fact that we haven't bumped into each other in the last 3 let alone 11 years is a bit surprising the upshot is I only have facebook as a contact point.

Recently I decided that I can't keep waiting in the hope that we run into each other as sooner or later somebody is going to beat me to it again. Queue this particular run of events:
1) She updates her status about revising for exams, I thought I'd do the gentlemanly thing and wait until her exams were over (about a month later)
2) I'm about to start the chat conversation (literally seconds away) when I see a new status atop my news feed "There is absolutely nothing wrong with being single", yep it's her, apparently people keep asking why she hasn't got a boyfriend. I think to myself that if I still asked I was just reacting to the status so thought I'd leave it until the weekend.
3) Weekend arrives...weekend leaves, never saw her online and when I thought about it I didn't see a status update either - tried to look her up and I couldn't find her, looked like she had deleted her account. This got me really down as I thought my only method of contact with her had just disappeared.
4) Following weekend, I log on to facebook and have 1 new notification - she likes my latest status. Apparently you can deactivate your account temporarily which she had done while she was on holiday for a week.
5) Next time I see her online I do actually start a chat conversation, with "Hi there, did you manage to find a jeweller's who do repairs" (She was asking if anybody knew of a local one on a status a few days before). No reply and she went offline about 10 mins later. I pretty much read this as she isn't particularly interested in me. Next time I logged on I'd got a message from her saying she hadn't had chance to go yet and asking exactly where the place I suggested was.

So now I'm thinking the chat option is pretty much out as she didn't respond so I'm back to hoping that I bump into her out and about or whether to even bother pursuing further as she gave the impression she wasn't interested. Since then though, she still comments on some of my status updates and we have long discussions on Sunday afternoons about the F1.

Finally, last week my sister put loads of old pictures on facebook, I put one of me when I was 2 or 3 years old as my profile pic, a couple of days later she changed her profile pic to one where she was 2 or 3 years old as well. I jokingly got onto her about copying me but have since remembered a couple of other instances of something similar (reacting to my status with her own) which I put down to coincidence at the time, I'm now not so sure whether they can all be coincidences (they are starting to tot up a bit) or whether she is showing interest in me.

If you've managed to get this far, then thanks for reading.
Any thoughts greatly appreciated.