I went on a first date with this girl I number closed in the supermarket last week. Before the first date we were texting regularly and teasing each other in the texts.

As for the date itself, we went to this bar for drinks, and then as we were both hungry I suggested we go for a meal somewhere else (the meal was unplanned). The entire date lasted around 4.5 hours and we did get on pretty well (not really a spark though). I was even trying some kino, such as touching her arm or knee. She didn’t return any kino but didn’t seem uncomfortable by my kino either.

At the end of the date, as we were on the train home together and she got off an earlier stop, a goodnight kiss was difficult. Though, I did go in for the kiss goodbye as she got up and we kind of exchanged kissed (she kissed my cheek while I kissed hers). I then told her to text me when she got home safely as it was quite late. This was the text I received from her:

HB: Hey, thanks for a nice evening. I had a really good time I’m home now, hope u got back ok? x

Me: Thanks, I had a very nice evening too. Off to bed now. I give u a 9 out of 10 for ur behaviour (this was to do with the fact I had been teasing her in earlier texts about her behaving on the date)

This was on the Wednesday night. On the Saturday afternoon I text her as an opener (which I’ve found from a pua website lol):

Me: There, now I’ve texted u, what are ur other 2 wishes

I get no response to this so on the Sunday afternoon I text her:

Me: Lol everyone has wishes. Anyway, how is ur weekend? Have u served anymore charming gentlemen in ……….(supermarke t where we met) since me

To my total surprise, she still hasn’t responded. I’m not upset in the sense that I liked her (cause I wasn’t really that into her), I’m just irritated by the fact that I have no idea where I went wrong. If a first date can go as well and last as long as that, and still turn out to be a failure, then I have no idea how well a date has to go in order be a success lol!

So my questions lol:

Where did I go wrong?

How shall I play it from here?

I’m tempted to wait around 3 days and text her something along the lines of “let’s just be friends”. A tactic I’ve seen mentioned in pua.

P.S. It’s not all bad though - I had a better date on the Friday night with someone else, and we already agreed the next date during that one. One thing I love about this world, plenty more fish in the sea lol