These is probably the worst situation a guy can get into!
I know a girl for 10 years and he had a 8year relationship that ended 6month ago. We started to get closer in a slow progression (because she was my best friend and I dind't want to spoil that out!). Our friends started to comment our intimacy and Ive decided 3weeks ago to tell I loved her! She said she wasn't expecting that (!) and that she didn't want to loose our friendship. Later on, I invited her to a walk in a park and I tried sth again, these time she said she was confused and that she hasn't forget the ex-boyfriend yet!
I decided to forget her, but 1 week afterwards it was impossible to resist her and we kissed. Next day she told me that she was confused and that we should let things evolve naturally. Nevertherless, I kissed her, invited her to my place and we make out (no sex) for 2-3h. Next day, I told her to come again, she said no but then she made me a surprise and appeared in my front door and we made out again (this time was so hot that we were nearly having sex!). Now, she says she wants to think things out and dont want to see me again before 2 weeks apart because that could complicate everything and she doesn't want to jeopardize our friendship! Im tired of fighting for her and having her boyfriend shadow always chasing us! What else can I do? I tried to invite her to be with me but she avoided :X Should I forget her? (she is perfect, I assure you), not talk to her at all? talk to her only by sms? facebook? mobile phone? how often? Should I ignore her or try to get her, next time I see her in 2 weeks?