I got with a chick i knew for some time, she actually dated my friend briefly a long time ago. He recommended I date her, and I took my chances because she's really cute. We had a bunch of dates, lots of sex, and she started saying that she loves me really soon. Right from the beginning she was talking about babies and marriage, and even nicknamed me husband. Now, I did have strong feeling coming up for her too, but I was still trying to slow play (just in case). For a month, we were both in heaven or at least this is what it seemed like.

The only disagreements we had were over her crazy idea to move for six months after she is finished school to some place away from the city. I told her that my life is here, and wouldn't do it. I could see how this crushed her a little, mainly because I think she is spoiled.

She began getting mad at me for random things over the phone, but when we saw each other I could quickly get her to forget.

Then, one day we were planning a trip to the lake where my parents were. She again found a way to get mad at me, and told me to drive her home - so I did. Txted her a couple of times to change her mind, but that did not work, and she told me to leave her alone.