Number closed this girl I met on the train a few weeks ago. Shes a really busy person with her job and her gran is ill so there hasnt been much opportunity to meet.

Been on 2 dates with her already, first date for drinks went ok, no kiss at the end as we were standing fairly far apart (and it felt awkward going in for the kiss) but she then went into hug me and I gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Second date she initially cancels because he gran got taken into hospital, which is fair enough. I maintain contact with her by asking how her day went and how her gran is etc, and eventually she sets up another date (after me hinting about drinks) for drinks in a bar last Friday night. This date does go well, conversation is flowing and we agree during the date to go to the cinema the following Saturday. At the end of the date just before we are about to go our separate ways, I go in for the kiss on the lips, though as I go in quite quickly I think she thinks Im going in for a cursory kiss on the cheek, and turns her head. When she sees Im actually going for a kiss on the lips she turns her head to kiss me on the lips and our lips just about touch. We then say good bye and go our separate ways.

I text her on Tuesday to sort out our plans for Saturday. She responds quite quickly, seems keen and we agree to meet up for the cinema, with the potential for a drink afterwards.

Then, on Friday morning she texts me:

HB: Hey . cant do Sat Im afraid. I got a few family commitments. I got a job for September in (she had told me she had an interview on the Tuesday)

Me: Cool, no worries. Looks like its gonna be a heavy one tonight then, my friend reckons she can drink me under the table, no chance lol. Hope ur gran is ok. Well done with ur job (she knows I sometimes going drinking after work on a Friday)

HB: Thanks. Gran looks better. Enjoy your evening. I got mates bday meal in , should be fun.

I leave it at that. By the way, she is actually unusually un-talkative in her texts which has always been the case with her.

I have 2 questions:

Was my response to her flaking ok? I wanted to come across as someone who isnt too bothered/needy and also make her jealous by mentioning my female friend (which actually was bullsh1t lol!).

Apart from the re-scheduled second date, its always been me initiating the texting and inviting her for the date. Based on this and given the fact she has flaked on this latest date, Im thinking I should just wait for her to contact me now and re-schedule the date. What do you think? Id probably come across as needy and desparate if I was the one to re-schedule with her