Hey Guys,

So I've been thinking this through the past few days and I'm pretty sure I messed this up... but I'm hoping I can recover.

There's this cute shy waitress (Most guys would probably rate her as a 7 - 8) I'd noticed a few weeks ago at a place I drop in at maybe 2x per week. The first couple of interactions I had with her she gave me a good vibe and I noticed those times and since she would be checking me out and when I'd look over she'd look away.

So the other week as I was going in she was walking out, I looked over at her and smiled, she said hi back and then I just spun around and started chatting with her. She seemed extactic that I was talking to her. It was maybe just a 1 min conversation and then I basically pulled out one of my business cards and told her to add me to FB or shoot me an email sometime and that we should hang out sometime. She said ok and seemed excited.

So it's been about a week now and nothing. Now I know this girl is pretty shy, it's entirely possible that she's afraid to shoot me an email or maybe she doesn't use FB. Then the possibility entered my mind that she thought I was a player because of how easily and quickly I gave her my card and asked her out (maybe figuring I do this with lots of girls - and it turned her off?).

Again this girl seems pretty shy and I'm certain that factors into it all. If it turns out she has a legit BF I'd be baffled by all the IoIs she was giving off, so I don't believe that's it.

In any case I plan on going back in there and asking for her number this time and seeing what happens. Maybe along the lines of "Ya know I should have got your number last time we met, what are you doing tomorrow night."

Any thoughts?