Hey, so i'm a senior in college and i'm reasonably successful with girls, but i continually disappoint myself as well. I've read "the game" and some other books and articles, but have a question. I was recently introduced by a friend to a girl with a boyfriend. I liked her but she blew me off cause of the guy. A couple months went by and when they broke up she started trying to hang out with me. So now we've hung out in a group a handful of times, but I can't kiss close. She makes the situation awkward every time. My friends girl gives me the insider info like 'oh she likes you and felt bad for not kissing you.' But she blows me off when i try to meet her alone (excuses like 'i'm too tired i'm goin to bed'). My buddy tells me to just throw her against a wall and make out with her, but i need better advice. I'm afraid of getting too close to the friend zone. Any help is greatly appreciated!