Hey how's it going guy's?

So I recently came across the ultimate texting guide thread,
posted by gunsnglory. Sadly the last time he was active on these boards was a month and a half ago :|

These were a few questions I had on my mind after reading his thread.

- What are some more examples of cliff hangers I could use when I text a girl? Is it difficult to come up with these?

-building up sexual innuendo/using it. How often should I use it? anytime the opportunity arises?

-once I get into sexting, how often should I do it? I doubt she's horny all the time? Curious on how to keep it going.

I'm currently texting this girl right now, (she lives in another state)
We've texted before. and sexted. She does get horny and has admitted that just talking to me turns her on/gets her in the mood. Possibly because of her memories of me sending her long detailed sex stories.

She's busy though.(works two jobs, and she goes out with her friends alot) Plus when I read the thread I noticed that I do often reply asap to her responses. I always wait on her really. Often at times I'm not sure what to talk about.

Through our conversations at times when she is in the mood she'll tease me, be suggestive and often tell me to dare her to do really naughty things. I've noticed that the interaction between us is kind of like a rollar coaster. Some days she'll be really into talking/sexting and some times I hardly hear from her.

I just want to keep her interested in me to the point that she becomes obsessed, as well as sexually.

Thanks for reading this wall of text
and I'd really appreciate any helpful advice.