Ok, number closed girl on train home from work a while back, been on 2 dates. First date was ok, second date went well. Third date was set up for last Saturday but she cancels on the Friday (see http://www.puaforums.com/ask-expert/...-3rd-date.html). After my initial reply to her cancelling I donít text her and wait for her to initiate contact. Even though she never usually initiates contact she did text me on the Tuesday asking how I was. She is far more talkative than usual in her texts and for pretty much the first time we in engage in some banter. After the initial few texts the conversations goes as follows:

Please note I have been unable to include all smiley faces so I have put spaces in between the brackets instead.

HB: Wednesday 08.54 Which side do u think is hidden? Do you think thereís more to me than I give away?
Me: 11.26 I think thereís a more mischievous side to u : ) Is there more to u than u give away, are u on ur best behaviour with me ; )
HB: 11.53 Iím never on my best behaviour : )
Me: 12.53 Oh reallyÖ.? So what naughty things have u been up to ; )
HB: 13.06 That would be telling ; )
Me: 14.02 Hmmm whatís the naughtiest thing uíve ever done, tell me a secret ; )
HB: 14.03 You tell me first
Me: 14.04 Ladies firstÖ.
HB: 14.05 Stolen carling pumps from student union, in front of bar staff and placed them as souvenirs in our student house : )
Me: 14.11 Thatís only a 5 on a scale of 1-10 of naughtiness lol, thought u were a naughty girl! I once copied formulas on to my calculator case during an exam at uni : )
HB: 16.35 Thatís not naughty
Me: 18.03 Iíve been naughtier ; ) So how are u going to make it up to me for cancelling last week : )
HB: 22.02 Tell me how naughty youíve been?
Me: 22.38 Well how naughty would u have liked me to be ; )
Next day
HB: 07.40 I donít know the naughtiest?
Me: 08.12 That would be too explicit as ur a good Indian girl : ) (In an earlier text she had used the phrase that she is a good Indian girl) (Iím white btw)
HB: 12.13 Tell me Iím all ears : )
Me: All I can say is it may involve a girl ; ) So ur a naughty Indian girl tut tut

This leaves me with 3 main questions:

What should I do now? Wait for her to re-initiate contact or contact her myself? If contact is resumed, ask her out for this third date or wait for her to do it?

Before this latest texting exchange she always used to be fairly un-talkative in texts so this was unusual. Was she testing me? Did she want the conversation to go sexual?

How should I have escalated the conversation better to go sexual? Please feel free to critique any of my responses and/or suggest something better?